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Our drone-based prescription solutions to our customers are doctors' prescriptions to their clients.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with drone-based prescription solutions in form of recommended course of actions to improve their operational efficiency. To achieve this, we provide both UAV and data processing platform in an integrated system in either of the following ways:

  1. Build an in-house UAV fleet for our clients. We provide UAVs and as an option data processing softwares to our clients and train their staff all along until they can fly the UAVs to collect aerial data and use the softwares to process captured data into NVDI, 2D, 3D maps, customized actionable reports etc. The clients will own an in-house fleet to respond to any on-demand mission 24/7 and have a complete control of the whole process.
  2. Provide drone-based solutions as a service. We will fly our drone, collect the data, run the processing softwares and provide our clients with NDVI, 2D, 3D maps, inspection maps, live streaming video, and actionable reports, etc. as a service. The clients do not have to worry about flying or maintaining the fleet.

We aim to serve customers in law enforcement agencies, precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection, forestry, search and rescue, and environmental protection.


V1 Quadcopter

V1 is a rugged vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) airframe that can be deployed for any task within minutes. Made of carbon fiber, the V1 offers a perfect combination of endurance, heavy lifting, and flexible payloads. It can fly up to 45 minutes while carrying a dual camera of 2.5 pounds. The V1 is packed with all needed components in one case that can fit in the trunk or bed of a vehicle. Equipped with a 20X zoom 4k video camera and a thermal camera installed on mechanically stabilized gimbal, it can capture and stream in real time high resolution images in any daylight or night-time situations. It is ideal for use by the police, firefighters, first responders, surveyors, or rangers.

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  • Endurance: 45 minutes with 1.2-kg payload
  • Dual camera: 4k RBG camera with 20x zoom and 640×512 thermal camera.
  • 3-axis brushless motor controlled gimbal
  • Panning 360 degrees continuously
  • Water resistant
  • Maximum payload: 3.5 kgs
  • Foldable frame
  • Maximum control range: 15 kms
  • Maximum video transmission range: 5 kms
  • Streaming two video feeds simultaneously to smart devices
  • Integrated companion computer
  • Object detection capabilit

Fire fighting and rescue

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Our prescription solution will allow the team to instantly come to the conclusion of where and how to deploy their resources most effectively to address the situation.

Our drone system streams both visual and thermal videos of the scene to mobile devices of every officer, displaying blazes and hot spots in order of ferocity, marking most dangerous areas, showing wind directions, etc. to allow the team to identify the exact locations, directions, ferocity, and manner of the fire progression, and thereby deploying their resources most effectively to put out the fire and save lives.

Precision Agriculture

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The goal of our prescription solution is to provide farm management with a prescription map which shows which spots of the inspected field have which types of problems and how to tackle them. 
Our V1 is capable of carrying a multispectral camera, a 4k visual camera, and a thermal camera to capture NIR, RGB, and thermal imagery in a single flight. Coupled with Pix4D softwares, the system can yield NDVI, CWSI, 2D maps, 3D maps, contour maps, etc. in one flight. With an endurance over 40 minutes, the Ag V1 can cover more than 120 acres at 2.2 GSD in one single flight.

Infrastructure Inspection

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Our prescription solution is a visual map report showing the magnitude as well as the exact locations of technical defects and recommending actions to take care of them. 
The management can use this map report to digitally assign maintenance and repair tasks to relevant staff. The staff then can also use this map (delivered to their mobile devices) to physically locate their tasks as well as report their work upon completion. 
Equipped with a full-frame still camera, and a thermal camera our V1 is capable of detecting millimeter visual cracks as well as thermal related defects. V1 is an excellent choice for roof, wind turbine, high-rise structure, and bridge inspection as well as doing survey, monitoring construction sites, measuring stockpiles, and supervising mining quarries. 

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