The World's First Real-time Air Ground Awareness System

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Assembled in the USA

RAGAS brings aerial EO-IR videos, wearable camera videos, ID and location tracking, commands in visuals in real time to smart devices of commanders, firefighters, police, first responders, inspectors, etc. regardless of physical distance.

RAGAS enables every officer with an authorized mobile device see

Aerial visible and thermal videos in less than one-second latency regardless of physical distance
Wearable camera videos carried by ground staff in less than 0.3-second latency regardless of physical distance
IDs and locations of drone and all ground staff in real time
Commands in visuals with annotations and drawings on map in real time

How does RAGAS help?

Real-time aerial awareness

Imagine there is a fire, a drone is launched to give real-time situational awareness to ground staff. In absence of RAGAS, only the commanding officers at the ground control station can see what the drone is seeing. The GCS officers then have to use typically mobile phones to verbally describe the fire development to ground personnel. This is cumbersome and ineffective. RAGAS streams the aerial visual and thermal view of the fire development to every firefighters in real time; making the assignment and coordination of tasks safer and more effective.

Real-time on-the-ground awareness

When a firefighter enters a building, visuals of the extent of damage or people in need of assistance are broadcast from his mobile phone, or augmented reality glasses to commanders at the ground control station so that they can make informed decisions in near real time. The speed of information can be the difference between life or death.

ID and location tracking

Other drone systems show aerial video of the ground staff fighting the blaze but cannot tell who is who. RAGAS can show the ID of each ground staff and track their positions on a map in real time even if they are out of view of the drone's camera. Such real-time tracking is shown on all smart devices and allows everyone in the system to see where everyone else is, enabling the officers in charge to coordinate tasks and deploy resources much more effectively.

Commands in visuals

During the course of a blaze, new information often comes up: sudden identification of hazardous materials, an urgent need to evacuate people from a certain area, etc. How can such time critical information be communicated to all crew members instantly and accurately? Our system allows the commanders to put such information into visuals; label the existence of hazardous materials, draw the boundary of an evacuation area, and write action commands; for display on the map across all smart devices in real time. Having time critical commands in visuals on their mobile devices allows the team to complete their tasks faster and safer.

What constitutes RAGAS?

The longest flight time and heavy lifter quadcopter. Vian can fly over 62 minutes with our VianSight dual camera of 1.9 lbs and can lift a payload of up to 10 lbs.
VianSight is the only dual camera on the market with 4k resolution and 30X equivalent optical zoom sensor and a FLIR 640x512 thermal sensor, capable of doing auto-center zoom and auto-tracking in both visible and thermal videos.
Other payloads
Such as radiation detection sensors, LIDAR equipment, mapping or multi-spectral imaging cameras, life saving equipment, and much more.
VianHub is a command center in the field, performing simultaneous heavy tasks: receiving and displaying multiplexed videos from Vian, encoding and uploading these videos to servers, performing camera auto-tracking, creating visual commands, displaying flight telemetry, performing flight control; all in real time.
Mobile devices
These includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, augmented reality glasses, wearable devices and computers at command center.
This is the neural network of the system. This neural backbone connects Vian, VianSight, other payloads, VianHub, smart devices, and command center computers. It maintains the seamless multiplexed video display and data transmission across all devices in real time.
Data analytics
Our AI algorithms are designed to produce actionable reports as per required by clients' needs autonomously in near real time.
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What does Real-time Robotics provide?

Our flagship product is RAGAS as a complete plug and play turn-key system. Our system can integrate other sensors as per customer requests (radiation detection sensors, super high resolution mapping cameras, life saving equipment, etc) and transmit their report outputs to smart devices in real time.
Our Vian, VianSight, and VianHub can be obtained separately, but work best as a complete package.
Customization works including: PCB design, carbon fiber fabrication, CNC parts, and data analytics can be done to fit the special needs of our clients. Just give us your real life drone problems, we will return with complete prescription solutions.