About us

Our mission is to provide drone based prescription solutions in real time.

Our Skills

Our best skill is the ability to deliver real-time prescription solutions to clients by designing and building in-house the whole system from drone, camera, ground control station to data analytics.

We design structurally sound aerodynamic airframe. We engineer CNC and fabricate sophisticated carbon fiber shapes. We make electronic boards for flight controller, video transmission, smart battery and chargers. We write GCS operating system, auto-tracking and auto-center zoom algorithms, mobile app, and server management software. We develop our own AI data analytics platform.

We do all these to serve one ultimate goal: helping clients solve their problems with real-time prescription solutions.

Mechanical design: We design aerodynamic airframes and integrate payloads
Electronics design and engineering: We make flight controller boards, data transmission boards, battery management boards, controller boards, battery chargers, GCS power, RTK GPS module, etc.
CNC: We CNC machined all mechanical parts in-house
Carbon fiber: We fabricate Vian airframe, VianSight camera box in-house
Software: We develop our own auto-tracking, auto-center zoom, video compression and transmission, mobile app, server management, flight control, real-time data synchronization
Data Analytics: We can build AI algorithms to autonomously produce actionable reports as per clients' needs

Our Team

We started our R&D in building drones as early as 2014 under the name of Golden Bridge Inc. In just 3 years our team quickly mastered the know-hows and technologies to design airframes, fabricate carbon fiber, develop avionics, write control algorithms, and develop data analytic softwares.
Early 2017, we successfully developed RAGAS, the world’s first Real-time Air Ground Awareness System for law enforcement agencies. This RAGAS was a great opportunity for us to officially get out of stealth mode and became one of the leading drone manufacturers for law enforcement, public safety, and industrial inspections. To better reflect our mission of providing real-time drone solutions, Real-time Robotics Inc. was established in May 2017.

What our partners say?

The team at Real-time Robotics developed a light weight, yet powerful system solution exploiting the advantages of the Sony camera for use on small unmanned aerial vehicles.... I believe the system solution developed by Mr. Luong’s team will become an indispensable tool for law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, as well as various industrial inspection markets by saving response time and manpower while enhancing safety for first responders as well as the public.
John Monti


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