A 62-minute flight time heavy lifter

Vian strikes the perfect balance between flight time and payload lifting capacity. It can fly for 62 minutes with VianSight on board or can lift up to 10 lbs. Rated IP 55, it can fly in rain, dust, snow, and carry a wide range of payloads such as VianSight, rad detection sensors, life saving equipment on both bottom and top. It can stream multiple videos to mobile devices or upload mapping photos to server in real time.


Endurance without payload: 80 minutes
Endurance with R1 Dual Camera (1.9 pounds): 62 minutes
Maximum payload: 10 pounds
IP rating: IP55
Standard payload: Sony 4k, 30X optical equivalent zoom and thermal 640x512 sensors
Auto-tracking and auto-center zoom in both EO and IR cameras
Transmit multiple video feeds to smart devices in less than 1-second latency
Maximum control range: 7 miles
Maximum data transmission range: up to 5 miles
Maximum flying range: 21 miles
Wind tolerance: 36 mph
Operational noise: completely silent from 330-foot distance
Integrated RTK GPS
Geo-tagging ready for mapping cameras
Payload mounting options: both from bottom and on top.
Ready to be integrated with Nvidia Xavier and other embedded computers