Real-time Awareness Command Center

VianHub is the command center of RAGAS. It administers Vian's configuration and flight missions. It displays visible video, thermal video, other sensor outputs, and flight telemetry streamed from Vian. It shows ID and location tracking of all ground staff. It uploads data onto server for real-time processing. It functions as RTK base. And it can serve as a computer workhorse in office.

Excellent display under direct sunlight
Display EO/IR videos, ID and location tracking, and commands in visuals


Receive and display multiple video streams from drone simultaneously
Stream multiple videos to mobile devices with less than one-second latency
Receive and display multiple video streams from ground sources with less than 300-millisecond latency
Full control of camera and gimbal from screen
Full telemetry display
Administer flight missions (Mission Planner pre-installed)
Create commands in visuals and synchronize them to mobile devices in real time
Process data (mapping, lidar, etc.) in real time in the field
Upload data to server for real-time cloud processing
Up to 10 hours of battery operation
USB charger for multiple devices
IP 55