4k, 30X equivalent optical zoom and 640x512 thermal sensors; 880 grams including gimbal

VianSight is the only camera on the market with 4k resolution, 30X equivalent optical zoom visible sensor and 640x512 thermal camera. It offers smart auto-center zoom and auto tracking capabilities in both visible and thermal videos. VianSight brings both panoramic view as well as unprecedented close-up details of any target, day or night, to firefighters, first responders, and industrial inspectors.


Sony 4k, 30X optical equivalent zoom sensor
Thermal 640x512 sensor with various lens choices
Save 4k video on board
Auto-tracking and auto-center zoom in both EO and IR cameras
Transmit multiple video feeds to smart devices in less than 1-second latency
Carbon fiber and aviation grade aluminum made
IP 54
Customized Gremsy gimbal
Weight including gimbal is 1.9 lbs (870 grams)


Auto-tracking and zooming capability of VianSight

Auto-tracking in EO and IR